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UFAF Affiliate™

About the UFAF Affiliate Program

For years, to be a part of UFAF and Mr. Norris' great legacy, the only way was to find a UFAF Chuck Norris System™ Charter School or Certified Instuctor and begin training in the Chuck Norris System™. For many this was not an option due to distance from a school or they were already heavily involved with another style. Now, martial artists around the world can join UFAF and become a member, getting access to all the great training, events, and certifications UFAF has to offer!

It has long been Mr. Norris' desire to have a "United Fighting Arts Federation" of martial artists, all pursuing their passion and growth in the martial arts together, regardless of style. This Affiliate program brings that vision to reality. Individuals can join and benefit from this UFAF affiliation while remaining in the discipline of their choice, or work toward rank in the Chuck Norris System™. School owners and instructors can take advantage of all that the UFAF Business Managment and Marketing Systems (BMMS) has to offer, learn from and utilize UFAF curriculum in their schools, and even create a unified professional appearance with UFAF Affiliate uniforms, apparel and gear for their students.

Individual UFAF Affiliate Membership
Becoming a member of the United Fighting Arts Federation has many benefits, but those aside, you are joining an elite group, training in the most inovative styles in the world today. The resources that members have access to with UFAF Membership is second to none. Thanks to Mr. Norris' vision, inovation, and reputation in the martial arts world, UFAF has the respect and support of some of the world's greatest martial artists.

Some other benefits of membership:

  • Special events such as the annual UFAF International Training Conference (ITC) and World Championships in Las Vegas
  • $100 discount on cost of the ITC
  • 15% discount on UFAF Affiliate branded merchandise from the UFAF Store
  • Educational opportunities, curriculums, and certifications
  • Online community access
  • Instructor training and certifications
  • Business training for school owners
  • Access to a network of phenomenal martial artists
  • Opportunity to "Crossover" and attain rank in the Chuck Norris System™
Join UFAF as an Affiliate Member today!

UFAF Affiliate School Charter
School Owners and Instructors of ANY STYLE can become an official UFAF Affiliate Charter School. With the support of the UFAF Business Management and Marketing Systems (BMMS), powered by MAIA, a UFAF Affiliate Charter School can become a profitable and rewarding business.

Charter schools can range from an individual instructor teaching private lessons from their home to multi-location commercial facilities teaching hundreds of students... and UFAF can provide the guidance to be successful at whichever level you choose, or help you grow to the next!


If you would like more information or have questions that were not answered here, please contact Mrs. Tara Cox at


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