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UFAF Krav Maga™
History - Birth of UFAF KM - UFAF KM is Not Martial Arts - Individual Membership - UFAF CNS School Charter
Krav Maga was created and developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, Israeli Grand-master (1910-1998).  He started it in the late 1940’s when serving as Chief Instructor of the IDF for hand-to-hand combat.

As a young man growing up in Bratislava, Slovakia, Lichtenfeld was a champion heavy weight boxer, a top-level wrestler and an expert in judo / ju-jitsu.  His father was a police officer who was in charge of teaching defensive tactics.  Lichtenfeld grew up in an environment where combative sports, law enforcement and ferocious street fights played equal rolls.  He took part in numerous street fights defending the Jewish quarter against local fascists and Nazis before and during the first phase of World War II.

Lichtenfeld immigrated to Palestine in 1942, which became Israel in 1948.  Due to the political situation, Israel was immediately at war with its neighbours and did not have the luxury of having months of training soldiers in the boot camps.  Because of this, the Israeli military needed an effective hand-to-hand combat system that could be learned very quickly, was easy to retain, and was very effective.  Hence, the birth of Krav Maga in Israel.  Beginning with Israeli Special Forces units, Krav Maga became the official combative training for all military personnel, Israeli police, and security forces.

Since then it has been studied, tested, improved, and developed extensively.  Krav Maga techniques are now applied in areas such as law enforcement, elite military units, VIP protection, and civilian self-defense programs for men, women, and children.

Birth of UFAF Krav Maga
The Krav Maga curriculum was/is developed, collaboratively, by a group of :
  • High rank instructors from different Krav Maga and Reality Based Self Defense organizations
  • Active/retired Military and Police Close Quarter Combat and Use of Force Instructors
  • Internationally recognized Martial Arts Masters and Instructors
  • MMA active/veterans fighters

Even though the Krav Maga curriculum is recognized by many experts as one of THE BEST in the world, we are constantly improving and developing our curriculum.

Krav Maga is a modern self-defense system designed to address and defend against present day street assaults and confrontations. It also aims to answer the need for a practical and simple way of self-defense, particularly for security and law enforcement forces, as well as for citizens wanting to learn fast and practical self-defense skills against any type of assaults.

It is a simple, realistic, easy to learn, and an extremely efficient self-defense system. You learn it today, and you can use it tonight…The system is based upon realistic responses to assaults and aims to help the practitioner to properly react and respond to threats and learn how to disengage from the situation, or leave the scene as fast as possible, or place him/herself to be in a position of advantage against the attacker.

Our commitment to our members is to continually provide the best and most current training methods and techniques.

Krav Maga Is Not Martial Arts
When asked why they study martial arts, many people will answer that they do so to learn to defend themselves against a threat.  Unfortunately, martial arts (in their traditional form) are not realistic compared to self defense systems; there are rules to prevent illegal moves.

For civilians, Krav Maga was designed to be utilized against street attacks, muggings and sexual assaults. Krav Maga isn’t about being a tough guy, it’s not about learning how to fight in a ring, it’s about going home alive no matter what the situation is.

Krav Maga has a survival based mentality and street survival tactics that include a hybrid of mixed martial arts techniques also utilizes elements of boxing, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, may thai.  However, Krav Maga is one of the few fighting styles which adapts to the student rather than expecting the student to adapt to it.  Krav Maga teaches students to build on their natural reflexes and to use whatever techniques necessary to defend themselves.  It brings the students to a high level of skill in a relatively short period of time.  If necessary, a student could utilize the skills that were just learned to defend themselves from an attack while commuting home on the same evening.

Structure, Rank and Testing

UFAF KM is only taught through UFAF Chartered Schools or UFAF Certified Instructors, predominately throughout the US, but beginning to expand globally. You can find an official UFAF Charter School or Certified Instuctor using our School Finder search tool. Certifications are held throughout the year in locations across the country.

The ranking system for progression in UFAF KM is:
Level 1 - 8, with levels of black belt.

Individual UFAF KM Membership
Becoming a member of the United Fighting Arts Federation has many benefits, but those aside, you are joining an elite group, training in the most inovative styles in the world today. The resources that members have access to with UFAF Membership is second to none. Thanks to Mr. Norris' vision, inovation, and reputation in the martial arts world, UFAF has the respect and support of some of the world's greatest martial artists.

Some other benefits of membership:

  • UFAF Krav Maga rank certification
  • Special events such as the annual UFAF International Training Conference (ITC) in Las Vegas
  • $100 discount on cost of the ITC
  • 15% discount on merchandise from the UFAF Store
  • Educational opportunities, curriculums, and certifications
  • Online community access
  • Instructor training
  • Business training for school owners
  • Access to a network of phenomenal martial artists
Join UFAF as a KM Member today!

UFAF KMF School Charter
Certified UFAF KM Instructors, Level 3 or higher, can become an official UFAF KM Charter School. To maintain your school charter in good standing, the head UFAF KM Instructor / UFAF KM School Charter holder must attend a sanctioned UFAF KM Seminar and/or advance in their UFAF KM Instructor Level once a year.

With the support of the UFAF Business Management and Marketing Systems (BMMS), powered by MAIA, a UFAF Charter School can become a profitable and rewarding business.

Charter schools can range from an individual instructor teaching private lessons from their home to multi-location commercial facilities teaching hundreds of students... and UFAF can provide the guidance to be successful at whichever level you choose, or help you grow to the next.

For more information about UFAF Krav Maga, training and certification events, membership, or becoming a charter school, contact Mr. Stephen Hammersley, UFAF International Director for UFAF KM, at .


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